What distinguishes us - A Story, A Philosophy

What distinguishes us - A Story, A Philosophy

What is wellness?
Wellness is the English word for “well-being”. Since the 1950s, this word has also been the generic term for a holistic health concept and a health movement that was new at the time.
Wellness refers not only to beauty treatments, saunas and swimming pools, but also to conscious nutrition, conscious exercise, meditation, massages, a conscious treatment of nature and luxury goods and personal care.

What wellness does to you.
Wellness is much more extensive than what is usually discussed.
Platforms like Google & Co. show the picture that everyone knows. But wellness has more to do with a certain lifestyle. A better life is inevitable through healthy eating and relaxation and fitness.

So if you live under stress every day, come home in the evening and cannot relax because you still have to think about work, it is advisable to change your lifestyle. This will be easier for you with the right wellness treatments. Take your time and try to change your life through relaxation, meditation and proper nutrition. After you can see little progress, you won’t be able to stop. You cope with everyday stress and can still relax and think about nothing afterwards.

Why wellness?
Why not? Let us make wellness tasty for you.

Imagine you are on vacation soon. The destination is not yet planned, and you still don’t know what you intend to do. Vacations at the beach? In the lowlands? Or a vacation in the Tyrolean Alps? Imagine relaxing in the pool with a view of the mountains. After an extensive fitness program, you would like to book a massage to relax your muscles again. Afterwards it can be something to eat. Then a slumber cocktail and then contentedly in bed. You wake up in the morning, deeply relaxed and ready to start the day with a soothing breakfast. You decide to attend the yoga class, because that helps for inner strength and mental performance. And so your time can pass in the wellness hotel of your choice, the ASTORIA RESORT. Usually this flies too quickly.

Wellness in the ASTORIA.
The ASTORIA RESORT is well prepared for your wellness stay. The tranquility and the atmosphere in the spa ensure your inner satisfaction. With relaxing music in the background, you can just forget the time and just be with yourself. The wellness offers are not scarce on the 4,700 sqm. Starting with the ASTORIA water world, over the ASTORIA sauna paradise, the relaxation world, to the world of exercise and the treatment world, you can expect an all-round well-being program.

A Story, A Philosophy – Relaxation means consciously taking an “I time” in order to gain strength in a sustainable and holistic way.
All senses should be addressed positively, some consciously and some unconsciously.
Gradually, everyday life can be left behind. With newly charged energy you can find your inner balance again.
– We see it as our task to achieve this!

A distinction is made in the ASTORIA 5-star wellness oasis between the ASTORIA Alpin Aktiv Spa (textile area) and the Spa Chalet (textile-free area). The wellness area is also available for guests outside the house. Our day spa is ideal if you are not a guest in our house, but still want to use our extensive range of well-being and relaxation. If you want to enjoy a break for two, you are welcome to take a break in the private spa.

If you cannot decide which activity and relaxation programs you would like to use, we will be happy to help you. With our free ASTORIA HRV stress measurement we will find the right programs for you. We are looking forward to your visit.


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The fact that Seefeld offers everything that tourism experts define as “new values" and that becomes increasingly significant for travelers, namely sustainability, regionality, security, conscious use of resources, was demonstrated last weekend (11th to 14th June) to 20 artists who accepted Elisabeth Guertler's invitation to their Astoria Resort Seefeld.


On 10th June, after 90 days, the Astoria Resort Seefeld will open its doors again. While adhering to all necessary and important measures - a strong cultural sign is set.

Unicorn in Seefeld

Seefeld in Tirol has been using the unicorn as a heraldic animal since 1946. The reason for this was a legendary personality, which was only really known through a miracle in the pilgrimage church of St. Oswald in Seefeld.