The fact that Seefeld offers everything that tourism experts define as “new values” and that becomes increasingly significant for travellers, namely sustainability, regionality, security, conscious use of resources, was demonstrated last weekend (11th to 14th June) to 20 artists who accepted Elisabeth Guertler’s invitation to their Astoria Resort Seefeld.

“Travelling to Seefeld is uncomplicated and convenient. Everything characterizing the spirit of summer retreat is to be found here: Peace, nature, delight, deceleration, movement. I am pleased, culture and artists have made its way to Seefeld.“

Elisabeth Gürtler

An exclusively arranged four-hour train adventure with Railjet from Vienna to Innsbruck on Thursday was used to discuss the current situation of art and culture – as well as tourism. “This journey has been of outstanding importance to us. It is a fantastic opportunity to connect culture, culinary delights, and the hotel industry. A lifestyle itself. We are sending out a sign of hope today”, Schade said looking forward to the days in Tyrol.

“We are writing the beginning of a new time, which we want to shape sensibly and with responsibility. We enjoy this feeling of freedom with nature, art, culture and fresh air. And one thing is certain: this trip will be unforgettable."
Clemens Unterreiner

The Astoria Resort Seefeld was turned into a stage by 20 artists for four days and set a powerful cultural and tourist sign. The feel-good ambiance for artists and guests alike included a highlight: the artistic program presented on Friday (12th June), which was put together by Kammersänger Michael Schade. The improvised outdoor stage at the natural pool of the house offered arias and songs, concerts, readings, and dialogues. “Uphill with Cultour” – described by many as a “country trip with culture” – was enjoyed by around 80 listeners: “Heroes of everyday life”, hotel guests as well as invited guests. “You have to assume that the sun is shining and believe in it – in every respect,” said host Elisabeth Gürtler, who was not only pleased about the sunshine but above all about the excellent, optimistic, cheerful atmosphere in her hotel.

Culinary highlights as well as an outdoor wellbeing program including an E-Bike tour, yoga and hiking were part of the “Uphill with Cultour” experience.

On Saturday, the guests at the Seefelder Joch enjoyed the unique panorama, overviewing Tyrol to Germany, where only Zugspitze had hidden behind the clouds. Having caught some summit cross photos, the group followed an invitation to a traditional Weißwurst breakfast hosted by Mayor Werner Frießer before visiting Elisabeth Guertler’s recently opened Astoria Alm in the center of Seefeld.

„Wir freuen uns über die tolle Initiative von Elisabeth Gürtler, durch die der ganze Ort Seefeld zur Bühne wird und durch die wir die Chance gekommen, Seefeld, von seiner besten Seite zu zeigen – mit Qualität und Individualität“, resümierte Werner Frießer, Bürgermeister von Seefeld.
Bürgermeister Werner Frießer

“We are pleased about the great initiative of Elisabeth Gürtler, which turned the whole town of Seefeld into a stage and gave us the chance to show Seefeld from its best side – with quality and individuality”, summarized Werner Frießer, mayor of Seefeld.

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On 10th June, after 90 days, the Astoria Resort Seefeld will open its doors again. While adhering to all necessary and important measures - a strong cultural sign is set.

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