On 10th June, after 90 days, the Astoria Resort Seefeld will open its doors again. While adhering to all necessary and important measures – a strong cultural sign is set: Elisabeth Guertler, the hostess of the Astoria Resort Seefeld, will turn her hotel into a stage for four days for a group of outstanding artists who will not only read, play music, perform and sing in Seefeld, but above all take a deep breath and enjoy the diverse range of offers of the resort as well as the climatic spa itself.

From 11th to 14th June more than 20 artists will create a program as part of “Cultour” – the combination of culture and tourism – and thus continue the tradition of the Cultour Salons at the Astoria Resort Seefeld, which was initiated by Elisabeth Guertler. The guests will start their journey traveling sustainably by train from Vienna via Innsbruck within just over four hours, starting their experience in an own wagon provided in collaboration with Tirol Werbung.

“Tourism, as well as culture, are facing the most challenging times. We are missing guests, the artists miss the stage and the audience. I am firmly convinced that things will now start to improve again – if we stick together, are optimistic and courageous and if we have ideas”, says Elisabeth Guertler, who initiated the project “Uphill with Cultour”.

“It is initiatives like this, Tyrol underlines its attractiveness with. Our unique nature within the mountains offers a strong sounding board for people’s motives of longing. Particularly in the current climate, values such as nature, freedom, security, and family are at the top of the agenda”, says Florian Phleps, Managing Director of the Tirol Tourist Board, and describes Elisabeth Guertler’s idea as a beacon project for the start of Tyrolean summer tourism in 2020.


“Seefeld offers everything that tourism experts define as “new values” and that becomes increasingly significant for travellers, namely sustainability, regionality, security and conscious use of resources. Travelling to Seefeld is uncomplicated and convenient. Everything characterizing the spirit of summer retreat is to be found here: Peace, nature, delight, deceleration, movement. The team at the Astoria Resort does everything possible to ensure that guests feel comfortable. We want them to be healthy and happy – then we will be too”, says Elisabeth Guertler.

Elisabeth Gürtler

From A for Attersee to U for Unterreiner
The list of artists who accept the invitation and will join the experience of “Uphill with Cultour” is not only long but above all top-class. All artists stand for individuality and quality.
“I am looking forward to getting to know the Astoria and Seefeld in the course of this very special journey. I am planning to bring my Kultur Salon to the Astoria in autumn and to create a Cultour Salon with Elisabeth Guertler,” says tenor Michael Schade, who as artistic director of the Internationale Barocktage Melk, has postponed the program planned for Whitsun until 2022.

The artists of “Uphill with Cultour”: Christian Ludwig Attersee, Ingried Brugger, Sandra Cervik, Michael Dangl, Robert & Lynn Dornhelm, Herbert Föttinger, Thomas Hampson & Andrea Herberstein, Xenia Hausner & Lothar Wesemann, Angelika Kirchschlager Michael Maertens, Julian Rachlin & Sarah McElravy, Ildiko Raimondi, Michael Schade & Dee MacKee, Xaver Schwarzenberger & Birgit Hutter, Bo & Ingrid Skovhus, Daniel Serafin, Clemens Unterreiner

The guests are welcomed at the Astoria Seefeld after their arrival by train and are then invited to put together their own individual wellness program – consisting of exercise, wellness, culinary delights, nature, relaxation. Culture plays an important role, especially on the second day of the journey, when the artists use the time at the natural bathing lake, on the terrace, at the bathing jetty, and on the meadow for small artistic performances. These will be listened to by the “heroes of everyday life”, employees of system-relevant professions who have achieved great things in the past weeks.

“I am pleased about the many spontaneous commitments and supporters of this project. In the past weeks I have thought a lot about the future – and have come to the conclusion that it needs not only a good concept, but above all optimism”, says Elisabeth Guertler, whose Astoria Resort is the only 5 star superior hotel in Seefeld.


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The fact that Seefeld offers everything that tourism experts define as “new values" and that becomes increasingly significant for travelers, namely sustainability, regionality, security, conscious use of resources, was demonstrated last weekend (11th to 14th June) to 20 artists who accepted Elisabeth Guertler's invitation to their Astoria Resort Seefeld.

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